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PranaPilates by Karen Ellis


I draw on my over 1000 hour education in the field of Pilates. This includes classical Pilates - my foundation (Power Pilates Cert) and contemporary Pilates (BASI) but not at all limited to these modalities, because there is always much more to know about moving well. I have taken and continue to take workshops and certifications in PILATES and related fields to assist my overall knowledge of fitness and health. I am just so curious about optimal health and how to achieve it.


I completed a weeklong cadaver dissection with Gil Hedley which helped me to see the body from a perspective that will always inspire me. A dissection taught me while we all share the human form, our bones are shaped differently & our connective tissue has different qualities; in essence we are all unique. Further, our brains operate a different levels of cognition so there is no right way to “do” pilates, only the right way for you. 


I graduated from Indiana University & UC Irvine with an MFA in Dance. I have taught at Phillips Academy (Andover, MA) and The Chautauqua Institute as well as several colleges including Bucknell, Long Beach City College and at Orange Coast College as part of their Pilates Certification faculty.

As a female entrepreneur (both as a Pilates teacher and creator of Pilates Nerd®️- a lifestyle Pilates clothing brand) I have learned that it is important to surround yourself with curious and supportive people in life. It can truly make all the difference when a teacher or a coach sees a pathway forward for you that you haven’t managed to see for yourself.

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